How can I help?

It is everyone’s responsibility to contribute to the rebirth of Catholic education. Everyone will find a way to collaborate according to their particular situation:

1. pray for Catholic schools

2. support through donations so that schools can be accessible to lower income families

3. choose a true Catholic school (tied to the ancient rite of Mass) for your children

4. be willing to teach or do other school-related work for the youth apostolate

5. promote the educational offering of schools tied to the ancient rite

6. ask the education congregations to establish new institutes and contribute concretely to the realization of their projects

We consider it essential to expand the Catholic school offerings of the territory of the former Papal State, so that fruits of Catholic education would be visible in the Holy See area. This is why we call on Catholics all over the world to support Saint Pancras Academy. The Academy currently represents the best known traditional Catholic school in Italy, is tied to the ancient rite and is engaged in teaching a catechism which is not contaminated by modernism.