Saint Pancras Academy, Albano (Italy)

The San Pancrazio School (25 km from Rome) started in 2014 at the request of some parents to provide a traditional Catholic education to their children. It is the only Italian educational institution where Holy Mass is celebrated only in the ancient rite. The school is attended by students from all over Italy and is also accessible to lower income families.

Our opinion:

This school can be a valuable option for families from all over Europe. Since the number of students per class is fairly small, teachers can more easily adapt school programs to fit the needs of individual students.

Slightly low cost of life in Italy makes the choice of San Pancrazio school economically convenient.

Albano, where San Pancrazio School is located, is near Rome, which is a dream for any lover of Christian and ancient civilizations. The train station is easily accessible on foot from the school and that allows you to reach Rome without difficulty.

The property has a large garden and there are rooms for accommodation available for guests who want to come and see the institution.