Teaching orders

Gratis et amore Dei:
to give oneself to God in the service of the young

Orders and institutes, in which priests, religious and lay people were dedicated to Christian education, have had an extraordinary, but often unknown, importance throughout the history of the Church. There were (and still are) communities dedicated to:

  • the education of the higher classes (e.g. Jesuits, Barnabites…)
  • the education of the working class (e.g. Maestre Pie, Marist Brothers, Salesians…)
  • vocational education (e.g. Lodovico Pavoni. John Bosco…)
  • people with disabilities (e.g. Antonio Provolo, Filippo Smaldone…)
  • after-school groups (Brothers of St. Vincent de Paul, Joseph-Marie Timon-David…)
  • teacher training (La Salle…)
  • providing solid publications for young people

After the Second Vatican Council, very few of these educational works have remained faithful to the Catholic Faith and the Traditional Mass. However, all that has been done for Catholic education before the Council can be a reference point for reviving new works adapted for these times.

We freely place at your disposition our knowledge of educational establishments from the past and present. Simply contact us.